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Raised By Fools is Fragile Creatures’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Fragile Creatures’ single “Raised By Fools” emerges as a testament to the band’s remarkable musicality and distinctive compositional style.

Raised By Fools is Fragile Creatures’ Single Out Now

Right from the initial seconds of the track, it becomes evident that the listener is in for a musical journey crafted by seasoned musicians with a truly unique approach.

The chord progressions and dynamic shifts within the single showcase Fragile Creatures’ dedication to their craft.

The intricacies of the song’s structure, paired with its refined dynamics, speak volumes about the band’s musical prowess and attention to detail.

What truly sets Fragile Creatures apart is their ability to curate a musical blend that defies traditional categorization. “Raised By Fools” demonstrates an ethereal alternative rock sound.

This distinctive musical blend propels them beyond the confines of a particular genre, allowing them to carve out a unique space in the music scene.

The ethereal quality of Fragile Creatures’ sound contributes to the magical vibes that permeate “Raised By Fools.” This quality transports listeners to an otherworldly realm, where the music itself becomes an immersive experience.

Both the performance and production of “Raised By Fools” showcase an impeccable level of professionalism.

The musicianship on display is a testament to the band’s dedication and expertise, while the production values highlight their commitment to delivering a polished and sonically rich listening experience.

Every instrument finds its place within the mix, resulting in a balanced and harmonious sonic palette.

Raised By Fools is Fragile Creatures’ Single Out Now!


Fragile Creatures formed in Brighton in 2012. Adam Kidd landed a publishing and recording contract and they were off. He’d always been in bands and they often featured Tom Alty and Aaron Neville: a shared love of making noise transcended the usual limitations of genre. They recruited James Crump on drums, Adam Whittles on bass and soon they were having a wild time recording in nice studios and performing in scuzzy bars.

Fast forward to 2022 and we started to see the first hints of the best songs of their career with the single Grandaddy: a perfect slice of power pop whose optimisitic chorus hook: “We’re never gonna give up on you” masks weighty thoughts about militarism and national pride. The band plan to release a series of singles throughout 2023, starting with the epic ‘Raised By Fools’ a swung ballad exploring the dystopic future we might create by raising our children within polarised, combative, click-hate mindsets: if we don’t know what’s going wrong, how can we make it better?

The band put out their second album in August 2020: self-recorded, self-released, Punk Yacht is the sound of triumph against adversity, the sound of persistence when all signs tell you to quit, hang up the old six string and step away from the stage. In a sense punk yacht has become more than just an album title for Fragile Creatures, it’s a mission statement and a blueprint for how they want to make music.

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