Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Ran Away from Hell is Brothers in Vain's Single Out Now
Ran Away from Hell is Brothers in Vain’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature band is Brothers in Vain and their single Ran Away from Hell.

Ran Away from Hell is Brothers in Vain’s Single Out Now

The sound of this band is fresh and modern even if the initial guitar riff reminded me of Collective Soul’s Shine vibes.

Surely we are dealing with guys who have spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room to achieve such an enviable musical alchemy.

Brothers in Vain offer a catchy and solid alternative rock that demonstrates extraordinary compositional skills.

The chord progression is never obvious and banal and manages to entertain the listener from the first to the last second.

The production is good and especially the mix that leaves the right space for every sound element and the song breathes well.

Ran Away from Hell is a cool tune, a continuous crescendo of emotions that ends with an epic finale.

A great find that I recommend to everyone.

Ran Away from Hell is Brothers in Vain’s Single Out Now!

Fresh and Modern!

Ran Away from Hell is Brothers in Vain’s Single Out Now

From the small town of Piteå, Sweden in the year 2018 “Brothers in Vain” was formed under their former name “Åssit” by high school classmates Petter Vikström on vocals, Viktor Öberg on guitar and Sebastian Nordaneldh on drums.

Åssit played a few gigs together before recruiting bass player Joel Fredriksson in late 2019. Shortly after, the band released their debut single “One Desire”.

After more than a year of playing local gigs in mainly Piteå and Luleå, Åssit released their first EP by the name “Nightflyers” consisting of songs “Cloud 9”, “Take My Life Away”, “Nightflyers” and “You’ll Never See Me Again”.
Nightflyers EP contains elements of radio friendly pop rock, punk and classic rock while still showing a unique modern sound.

The band released the single “Let Go” in 2022 before ultimately changing name to “Brothers in Vain”.
And now after more than one year, the band is finally releasing their new single called “Ran Away from Hell”

Line up:
Petter Vikström – Vocals
Viktor Öberg – Guitar
Joel Fredriksson – Bass
Sebastian Nordaneldh – Drums

Find Brothers in Vain Here:


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