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Rat Race is Repeat’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Repeat explodes onto the scene with their new album, “Rat Race,” a potent cocktail of rock influences that’s guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

Rat Race is Repeat’s Album Out Now

The album kicks off with a bang on “Man on The Moon.” The lyrics, with their rejection of egocentrism, hit hard in today’s self-absorbed world.

“Death” maintains the adrenaline rush, before “Not Enough” raises the bar even higher with its infectious energy. A brief moment of respite arrives with “Reasons,” a track that throws back to the slacker rock vibes of Weezer.

But then “Enemy” dives headfirst back into Repeat’s chaotic and captivating world. The title track, “Rat Race,” is where things truly ignite.

Raw, unadulterated rock and roll explodes for 40 glorious seconds, a pure expression of unbridled energy that needs no words. It’s a middle finger to convention, a glorious celebration of rock’s primal power a la Motorhead.

Repeat doesn’t slow down much after that. “Figure it Out” is another fast-paced ride, with lyrics that practically trip off the tongue like a tongue twister.

This album’s a masterclass in warped perception – some songs are lightning-fast but feel substantial, while others stretch out time in a way that keeps you on your toes.

Every song on “Rat Race” is a winner this album is a must listen!

Rat Race is Repeat’s Album Out Now!

Pure Rock!


Repeat is a Stoner rock/punk band from Sweden. The new album “Rat Race” is out now digitally as well as on vinyl and cassette. The album was produced by Joakim Lindberg in Studio Sickan in Malmö in January 2024. It was mastered by Magnus Lindberg in Redmount Studios.

Repeat says: “We prefer the short format and the recording was mostly ‘live’. We’ve put more time into the lyrics and the album is very much a self-reflection. We also wanted to hone in on how it would feel to play the songs live.”

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