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Ready My Love is Ryan Wayne’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ryan Wayne’s latest single, “Ready My Love,” has an infectious energy that is hard to ignore.

Ready My Love is Ryan Wayne’s Single Out Now

The first guitar riff reminded me of the raw power of The Rolling Stones, the track pulls you in with its undeniable vitality.

The riff alone is enough to pump your blood, transporting you back to the rebellious spirit of classic rock.

The drums are fantastic, crafting a raw, intricate and instinctive groove. Their tribal, almost primal, quality adds depth that contrasts beautifully with the song’s more modern elements.

The rhythmic foundation they create is powerful and engaging, urging listeners to move and lose themselves in the beat.

However, the chorus truly sets “Ready My Love” apart. Echoes of the Beach Boys’ melodic sensibilities shine through, adding a surprising and delightful twist to the track.

This psychedelic influence feels nostalgic and fresh. This tune feels suspended between different eras. The melody is hauntingly beautiful, providing a moment of introspection amidst the song’s driving energy.

“Ready My Love” is an experience. It stirs something deep within, awakening a wild spirit and a sense of freedom that is liberating.

It’s a reminder of music’s power to transport us, to make us feel alive and unbound by time constraints.

Ready My Love is Ryan Wayne’s Single Out Now!


Ready My Love is Ryan Wayne’s Single Out Now

The song started as a collaboration with composer and bassist, Alex Needleman who sent a few files his way including a hypnotizing synth drone. At the same time, Ryan was jamming on some ’70s funk songs with his hockey team (an arts hockey league — how very Canadian), and was impressed by how much was expressed in those songs with so few chords. He wondered how far he could take a basic two-chord folk song by layering instruments and focusing more on groove and dynamics. Lyrically, the verses attempt to explore themes of regret and escapism in a very visual way, juxtaposed with a chorus offering a simple commitment to change.

Ryan Wayne is a Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instumentalist. He first came to recognition as a founding member and songwriter in the critically acclaimed, award winning band, The Warped 45s (Pheromone Recordings).

Born and raised in the blue collar town of Oshawa, just east of Toronto, Ryan grew up surrounded by music. His father is a songwriting truck driver, and Ryan spent countless summer nights singing with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and friends at the the family cabin in the Madawaska Valley.

During his musical career, Ryan has had the opportunity to tour the globe, sharing the stage with artists such as The Drive By Truckers, The Skydiggers, Elliott Brood, Deer Tick, The Once, and Justin Rutledge. Ryan has also recorded with many artists including playing mandolin on “Road Regrets” off Dan Mangan’s seminal record, Nice, Nice, Very Nice.

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