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Red Line is KinetiX ‘s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed KinetiX in the past but they are back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

The modern sound of this band always amazes me.

These guys know how to do it and always offer very innovative melodies and sounds. Their music seems to come from the future like when Michael J. Fox tries the wheelless skateboard and starts flying around town.

KinetiX have found their style and are following a courageous path never traveled before. They follow their instincts and offer fantastically original songs.

The production is always very professional and the attention to every little nuance is meticulous.

I believe that these guys have a bright future ahead of them because they always manage to amaze the listener with catchy and fascinating songs.

Red Line is KinetiX’s Single Out Now!

Modern and Innovative!


The talented brother trio are living in the fast lane with their latest party-pop anthem Red Line – a song that knows how to groove with its fat synth beats, fun lyrics, and an unmatched energy that will have you sipping on the hair of the dog and ready for round two.

Red Line touches on the vices that accompany late nights, hazy days and hacking hangovers; the epitome of a good time in the post-pandemic world.

In addition to providing a slate of banging rhythms and big drops, Red Line has been purposefully produced in a way that transports the listener into the depths of a maniacal bender.

In fact, the thumping beat heard at the first drop was inserted as a means to mimic the thumping inside one’s head following a heavy night out in town.

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