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Reincarnation Blues is J R Harbidge’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
J R Harbidge’s “Reincarnation Blues” is a testament to the artistry of a great singer-songwriter. His approach to composing music is refined and intricate, reflecting a deep understanding of the craft.

Reincarnation Blues is J R Harbidge’s Album Out Now

There’s a certain familiarity in his style that at times reminds one of legendary artists like John Mellencamp, yet Harbidge manages to carve out a unique identity all his own.

This album is a musical journey infused with a rich tapestry of nuances and styles.

It’s a melting pot where Rock, Americana, and Country seamlessly blend to create a solid and distinctive musical product.

Each track on the album is a testament to Harbidge’s ability to traverse different genres while maintaining a cohesive and authentic sound.

Harbidge’s voice is a highlight of the album. It’s sincere and direct, carrying the weight of the lyrics with authenticity. You can’t help but believe in the words he sings, and his delivery adds an extra layer of emotional depth to the music.

What’s impressive about “Reincarnation Blues” is the consistency of quality across all the songs.

Each track is a solid piece of songwriting, and the album as a whole is a testament to Harbidge’s ability to craft memorable melodies and compelling narratives.

It’s the kind of album that rewards repeated listening, as you uncover new layers and nuances with each playthrough.

If you’re in search of music that resonates on a profound level, look no further than J R Harbidge’s “Reincarnation Blues.”

Reincarnation Blues is J R Harbidge’s Album Out Now!


Reincarnation Blues is J R Harbidge’s Album Out Now

JR Harbidge has certainly arrived with his second album, cementing himself as one of the finest musicians and songwriters to come out of the UK country/americana scene in a very long time. If he wasn’t already on your radar, he certainly should be now. 
 The country/americana artist hailing from the UK stays true to himself whilst packing the record with plenty of nods to the roots of the country genre. The highly produced record starts with Wrong Side of the Fight, the lead single off the album. The stubborn song focuses on the them of believing you’re in the right just for it to turn out you were wrong all along.

JR’s vocals are soft, they have a wispiness to them but still have a strength about them in the opening number. You Saved Me Twice is a real highlight on the album, this is a prime example of Harbidge’s ear for a melodic hook and his ability to take a song somewhere unexpected, giving his songwriting a unique flavour. Meanwhile, the title track which brings the record to a conclusion demonstrates the multi-instrumentalist’s attention to detail when it comes to production and arrangement. The differentiation between each of the sections is so well thought out, allowing each verse and chorus to feel fresh whilst maintaining fairly smooth transitions.

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