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Reinvention is Movment’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Movment’s album “Reinvention” is a journey into a world of intense musical experience, leaving listeners immersed in a profound and coherent musical limbo.

Reinvention is Movment’s Album Out Now

Each track on this album shows the band’s dedication to crafting a meaningful and impactful message. Lines like “There must be a better existent than this” resonate deeply, echoing sentiments that linger in the soul.

The singer’s unique voice contributes to the album’s nostalgic vibes, creating a distinctive and immersive experience.

Everything in “Reinvention” seems meticulously crafted to amplify a profound message, with the reverberated guitar, hypnotic drums, and effects and keys working in harmony to paint metaphysical scenarios in the listener’s mind.

Sudden rhythmic changes and unique chord progressions keep the audience engaged, offering a dynamic and entertaining musical experience.

Movment doesn’t shy away from experimenting with sound, creating an album that feels like a spell, captivating the listener’s attention and drawing them into an apocalyptic universe.

Each playthrough catapults the listener into the intricate and intense musical realm that Movment has masterfully crafted.

The album’s spectacular nature makes it a compelling recommendation for anyone seeking a profound and transformative musical journey.

Reinvention is Movment’s Album Out Now!


Reinvention is Movment’s Album Out Now

Movment are an alternative post punk band from Ireland. Movment are dark, strong, immediate, and real. Through their music you meet them face to face. Movment observe life and offer their unique view on living. Movment mean what they say.

The new album REINVENTION explores life. We are all on a journey. It will end. We live inside our heads We will soon cease to be as we are. From it there is no escape The sparkle disappears. Would we just wait for it to happen? Understand it, desire it. Go by what you feel. Become what you can be. Believe in being able to move on. Reinvent you. The world was collapsing before my eyes, I still believe!

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