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You Can Rent a Pirate Ship On The Mississippi With Airbnb

Have you ever thought about being a pirate?

Sail the seas in search of treasures, attack Spanish galleons and live an adventurous life. Today you can enjoy this lifestyle thanks to Airbnb.

In fact, among the thousands of locations offered by this site, there are also some very original proposals.

Is possible to rent a ship similar to that of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Of course, Mississippi is not like the ocean but this jewel will make you forget these tiny differences.

The ship is very large, 20 meters, and can accommodate up to 20 guests. You can then organize yourself with a crew of friends and have fun on this beautiful galleon.

Although you step back a few centuries, the ship is equipped with every comfort.

It will be impossible for you to get fed to the sharks.

Every detail has been taken care of to give a unique experience to customers. The wood, and the finishes are excellent.

With $ 300 a day, you can give yourself a fantastic experience. Try to imagine organizing a birthday party for your children… they would go crazy!

In the collective imagination, pirates are beloved characters and their legend has inspired films and books of all kinds.

Having the opportunity to approach their lifestyle this way is truly a unique idea.

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If you are ready for this adventure, here is the email where to book it. The link on Airbnb is not working right now and we just found this email. But for sure we will be updating the article when the link will work again.


We don’t know when they will answer as there are many would-be pirates. The ship is located in St. Paul Minnesota.

There is also this smaller and cheaper alternative

Pirate Ship Adventure Cabin | Lyndon Station, Wisconsin

Happy Adventures To All.

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  1. What does it mean no navigation? You can’t take it out of the dock at all?

  2. Where is this, I love pirates

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