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RESULTS is Ellery Twining’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ellery Twining entertains us today with this ambitious and intriguing album.

RESULTS is Ellery Twining’s Album Out Now

Fasten your seat belts and let’s set off on this musical adventure together.

While listening to these songs you will immerse yourself in something bigger than yourself. An extrasensory journey that will make blurry photographs of Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, and David Bowie pass before your eyes.

Ellery Twining has me thinking of artists of this caliber, his music is important and precious. It seems to me that my soul is enriched with vital information while I listen to his music.

The spoken voice shares concepts that make you think and the refined music tickles your neurons. The rhythmic and harmonic intuitions are fantastic. The musical arrangements are cared for in every detail and above all the sounds’ choice are really well thought out.

RESULTS in fact sounds vintage but the compositional approach is futuristic. This allows Ellery Twining’s music to have no date.

These notes fly freely into the universe and will do it forever.

10 out of 10!

RESULTS is Ellery Twining’s Album Out Now!


RESULTS is Ellery Twining’s Album Out Now

Ellery Twining follows up his critically acclaimed solo debut REVENGE with an exploration into the possible soundscapes of Post Pop.

This group of songs illustrates the experience of seeing through the eyes of Generation X kids during their childhood, and it’s reflection. In addition, Twining sought and achieved a concept of writing outside of the traditional Pop / Rock format, which revolves around the universal conception of ABACAB


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