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Réveille is Kaki Joydefair’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Kaki Joydefair is the kind of artist who defies categorization, an eclectic force brimming with boundless creativity.

Réveille is Kaki Joydefair’s Single Out Now

Kaki takes us on a captivating trip through time, infusing her music with delightful 80s vibes and a pulsating rhythm that’s impossible to ignore.

What stands out most in “Réveille” is Kaki Joydefair’s vocal interpretation. It is theatrical and passionate, exuding a magnetic energy that draws you in from the very first note.

Her voice is a captivating instrument, guiding the listener through a musical landscape that’s both inspiring and innovative.

The song itself is undeniably catchy, with a hook that latches onto your mind and refuses to let go. It’s the kind of tune that will echo in your head for days.

As you listen and watch the accompanying video, you can’t help but be reminded of the characters from the film “La Belle Verte.” Kaki Joydefair encapsulates the essence of that great movie, using her music as a medium to explore its profound themes.

One of the most striking aspects of Kaki Joydefair’s artistry is her fearless authenticity. She bares her soul to the world without masks, both in her look and in her energy.

Her presence is a refreshing departure from the ordinary in a world that often values conformity over individuality.

If you’re seeking music that challenges your perception of time and evokes a sense of passion, creativity, and authenticity, Kaki Joydefair’s “Réveille” is a must-listen.

Réveille is Kaki Joydefair’s Single Out Now!

Fearless Authenticity!

I’m a Breton living in Paris, but I’m mostly from the non-living world. I had to accept the deconstruction of all my lifestyle choices and habits in order to heal, as I could no longer walk. In my case, allowing myself to reconnect with my feelings and let them express themselves was the key to regaining control of my life and getting closer to my true nature.

Introverted writing (novel published in help to a children’s charity, follow-up in progress) became vocal : “expressive” to transform emotions into songs as spontaneously as possible. Some thirty other songs (reggae, youth, duets), some in English, will follow. From rock to baby lullabies.

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