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ReWorks Vol.1 is Neil C Young’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In a world where musicians abound, Neil C Young emerges as a true virtuoso, showcasing not only his profound technical prowess but also his ability to craft captivating musical odysseys.

ReWorks Vol.1 is Neil C Young’s Ep Out Now

The moment you dive into his EP, “ReWorks Vol.1,” you’re transported to a realm where Neil’s artistry reigns supreme.

What stands out immediately is the distinct sound of Neil’s guitar. It’s a unique signature, setting him apart from the typical clean guitar tones found in his genre.

There’s a subtle grittiness to his guitar work that adds depth and character to his style. It’s a delightful departure from the norm and the very essence of what makes Neil C Young’s sound so distinctive.

Listening to this EP is akin to embarking on a dreamy, immersive journey. To truly appreciate it, close your eyes and let the music sweep you away to a parallel universe.

Neil has a remarkable ability to convey his emotions through his music, and it’s his deep knowledge of music that enables him to bring his visions to life.

Each note and chord carries a piece of his soul, creating a profoundly personal connection between the artist and the listener.

Two standout moments on this EP are the reinterpretations of Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” and “Tijuana Lady.” “Tijuana Lady” is a vivid testament to Neil’s storytelling gift, as it transports you to the bustling streets of a Mexican city.

With each note, you can picture a lady gracefully strolling through sunlit streets, an enchanting narrative painted through music.

Neil C Young’s talents extend far beyond just playing instruments. He has the remarkable ability to transcribe his emotions, visions, and experiences into musical reality.

“ReWorks Vol.1” is a musical gem that’s deserving of a broad audience.

If you’re searching for an artist who can take you on an evocative journey through music, Neil C Young and “ReWorks Vol.1” are a must-listen.

ReWorks Vol.1 is Neil C Young’s Ep Out Now!


ReWorks Vol.1 is Neil C Young’s Ep Out Now

UK jazz guitarist Neil C Young is ‘full of soul and energy’ with, ‘arrangements (thst) are beautiful’, writes Eric Elias from the US magazine “Just Jazz Guitar Magazine”. Neil’s music is ‘harmonically sophisticated’ said Bill Milkowski (writer of the biography of Jaco Pastorius) and Keith Ames, of the Musicians Union adds that it is ‘Excellent feel good instrumental jazz’

Neil has worked with and played alongside many artists including Nick Blacka (Go Go Penguin), Nathan Bray (Guy Barker, Ronnie Scotts Big Band), Soweto Kinch, Wendy Kirkland (Piano Divas), Ben Crosland (Jim Mullen, Rod Mason, John Etheridge), Gary Boyle (Isotope), Ben McCabe and Matt Robinson (Deep Cabaret) and Steve Tromans (Indo Jazz Fusions, Dan Nicholls, Alison Symons).

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