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Ripping is Gary Dranow’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Gary Dranow and his band are clearly on a relentless musical journey, and their latest single “Ripping” shows their unwavering determination and passion for creating impactful rock music.

Ripping is Gary Dranow’s New Single

This track is a powerhouse, delivering a strong and direct rock experience that harks back to the energy of the 80s.

The rhythm of “Ripping” is undeniably pressing, creating a sense of urgency that complements the distorted guitar work.

The guitar tones evoke a nostalgic vibe from the 80s. The result is a tune that will undoubtedly make your head bounce with the infectious energy of the music.

The vocal performance stands out as a highlight, providing a solid and commanding presence that adds to the overall intensity of the track.

The execution of the song is impeccable, showcasing the band’s skillful musicianship and their ability to deliver a high-energy performance.

One of the notable aspects of Gary Dranow’s compositional skills is his versatility. His songwriting reflects a diverse range of influences, yet there is a consistent thread of the sacred fire of rock running through his music.

This rock approach is what makes his songs so catchy and contagious, creating an undeniable connection with the listener.

Ripping is Gary Dranow’s New Single!

Real Rock!

The band’s formation transcends geographical boundaries, with members spanning Park City, Utah, Melbourne, Australia, and various cities in Ukraine. Drawing inspiration from musical legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Metallica, their music weaves together elements of blues rock, alternate rock, hard rock, and metal. This rich tapestry is further enriched by their personal experiences and diverse influences.

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