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Rise in Veins New Single “Pieces” Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family,
we already reviewed Rise in Vains in the past and now they have just released a new juicy single titled “Pieces” so I’m putting on my headphones and let you know what I think…ready…play…rock 🤘

You are immediately assaulted by a beautifully distorted guitar riff that instantly puts you in a good mood because you already know that this track will not disappoint you.

After a nice intro the singer starts his job and from the first notes, he reminded me of Aaron Lewis of Staind.

I heard that melancholy and magic of the songs of the late ’90s played and mixed in a modern way though.

Another good song proposed by this band that certainly knows its stuff and every time manages to surprise for the ability in the melodic constitution of their songs.

Melodic and rhythmic variations inserted at the right point make this song very pleasant to listen to and these guys manage to entertain you from the first to the last second.

It’s already the third time that I press the play button to enjoy this powerful tune \m/

Bands like Rise in Veins are therapeutic because with their sincere rock they fight against all the fake music that mainstream artists offer us.

This is the real music where you can hear the passion that oozes from the guitars, drums, bass and voice.

Thumbs up again for these rock’s gladiators.

Pieces is Rise in Veins’ Single Out Now!


Another beautiful song by this talented band!
Rise in veins Unsaid

Find Rise in Veins Here:


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