Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Rocking Chair (Without You) is TheFuturr's Single Out Now
Rocking Chair (Without You) is TheFuturr’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
TheFuturr’s latest single, “Rocking Chair (Without You),” presents an intriguing musical experience that seamlessly blends a modern compositional approach with a fresh sound.

Rocking Chair (Without You) is TheFuturr’s Single Out Now

The artist’s unique perspective on music shines through in this intense and melodic track.

One of the standout features of TheFuturr’s work is his ability to create a musical landscape that feels contemporary and innovative. The sound is intense, providing a solid foundation for the melody to flourish.

The track’s sonic elements are well-crafted, contributing to an overall modern listening experience.

“Rocking Chair (Without You)” takes the listener on a nostalgic journey, tapping into the universal theme of toxic relationships.

The artist skillfully captures the essence of passionate love entwined with the realization that it may not endure.

The song resonates with listeners who have experienced the emotional rollercoaster of such relationships, creating a relatable and immersive atmosphere.

The vocal interpretation is solid, characterized by sincerity and heartfelt emotion. The artist fearlessly exposes himself through his music, discarding any facades and laying bare his deepest emotions.

TheFuturr’s willingness to delve into the depths of his emotions and translate them into music makes him an artist worth following closely.

Keep an eye on this rising talent!

Rocking Chair (Without You) is TheFuturr’s Single Out Now!


TheFuturr is a young musician, who has has been creating music through writing or singing since he was around 8 years old. Ty was influenced by all different sounds of music with his biggest inspirations being Gorillaz, Blink-182, 2Pac, Paramore, XXXTENTACION, Slipknot, and Rise Against just to name a few. Although, he didn’t release his first song till 2016 with a track titled “King” that was then deleted months later. He didn’t put out any music up until may of 2018 when he released “BILLYS JEAN$.”

About a year later, he started making music with his friends in a group called “YRB” (Young Rich Bratz) created now known as KG Capone, the group later disassembled but continued to make music together. Then after a 4 month disappearance, in April, 2020 he founded “X.O.S/F.T.R” with the same members of “YRB” and some new. Since his first official song he has released over 100+ tracks of his own and featured on others, has evolved his sound thoroughly, and generated a wide array of different fans through creating many different types of music.

This song in particular is about trying to escape from someone you know that hurts you, even though you love them dearly. Trying to run away, but always getting pulled back into that attraction because of the deep rooted connection, or when you do get away they are still always there to hurt you more until you come back again. The feeling like pain is mutual, and no matter what there is no way out. This one was my real pain, thats why I created it and thats why I hope it reaches the ears of the right people who also understand this pain.

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