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Roly Moes is SALT’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Stepping into SALT’s “Roly Moes” is like slipping into a well-worn trench coat, transported to a world bathed in twilight hues and smoky jazz bars.

Roly Moes is SALT’s Single Out Now

The song oozes vintage vibes, a noir retro sound that evokes distant memories and forgotten dreams.

The brilliance of “Roly Moes” lies in its storytelling. The lyrics paint a vivid picture, pulling you deep into an intense narrative.

It’s a twilight tale lost in time, yet one that feels undeniably real. Each verse unfolds like a scene from a classic film, leaving you wanting more.

The vocalist is a maestro, weaving her voice through the melody like a silver thread. Her interpretation is fantastic, capturing the essence of the story with raw emotion and nuance.

Listening to SALT feels like watching a movie in your mind’s eye, each note and inflection transporting you further into the narrative.

The cadence of the tune is great, keeping you hooked with its hypnotic vibe. The addition of choirs and the soaring chorus opening up adds a layer of grandeur.

SALT has truly struck gold with this track, and I eagerly await their next sonic adventure.

Roly Moes is SALT’s Single Out Now!


Fairytale on Fire is SALT’s Album

Roly Moes is about a father having the mishap of searching for his lost daughter, only to find her in a strip bar as a dancer. Not based on a true story but I guess it must have happened.

SALT are a band made up of wife and husband Sharon and Robin, with friends of the family on Simon and James.

We came together because we have loads of original songs and are still writing. Sharon and Simon used to be in a late 80’s pop band the Ruby Suit, Robin in a noisy post punk band Vatican Shotgun Scare. James, not born then. We are Edinburgh based.

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