Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Roots is 20 Year Short Break's Single Out Now
Roots is 20 Year Short Break’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
20 Year Short Break’s single “Roots” is a masterpiece, with its remastered sound showcasing impeccable attention to detail and top-notch production quality.

Roots is 20 Year Short Break’s Single Out Now

Upon pressing play, the comparison to Audioslave becomes inevitable, especially in the vocal timbre of the singer, reminiscent of the late Chris Cornell.

The remastering of the song allows every little detail to shine, elevating the listening experience to a new level.

The band’s compositional talent is once again on full display showing their exceptional style and musical vision.

The song, along with others in the EP, captures the essence of 20 Year Short Break’s distinctive sound.

A noteworthy element of “Roots” is the epic chorus and the outro enhanced by epic choirs, adding a grandeur that elevates the composition to a truly fantastic level.

The lyrics are deep and everyone can relate to this self-discovery journey.

The band’s ability to craft solid compositions shines through in every song in their catalog.

Roots is 20 Year Short Break’s Single Out Now!



This Blues-Rock song express a personal journey of self-discovery and introspection, a desire to delve deep into oneself, to explore personal history and experiences that define one’s identity.

Rob Miller and Dan Wright met in a middle school band at the age of 15 and were like brothers from day one. Little by little, the music and bands got better, but it wasn’t enough for success: Their dream faded, and they both went different ways. Rob stuck to recording, and today as a sound studio owner, he first and foremost lets others shine. Dan became an IT specialist and has worked for the biggest companies in Germany for many years. Both started families and have been sacrificing everything for them ever since, but together, they never made music again.

Together at a concert 2018, they rediscovered their dream and decided to create a lasting musical legacy, one that reflects their lives and leaves their children with more than just photos and videos. Rob and Dan’s idea is an artistic intergenerational project that preserves their coming of age stories and later life experiences in sincere, truthful songs.

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