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Sacred is Shayne Malone’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Prepare to be transported back in time to the glorious heyday of the 80s with Shayne Ma lone’s captivating album “Sacred.”

Sacred is Shayne Malone’s Album Out Now

This talented artist has masterfully crafted a musical journey that pays homage to the intensity and nostalgia of that iconic era.

From the very first note, it’s evident that Malone’s passion for rock music runs deep, and his ability to infuse the spirit of the 80s into his compositions is nothing short of impressive.

The album kicks off with electrifying energy, as strong guitar chords and powerful riffs instantly grab your attention.

Malone’s guitar work is nothing short of exceptional, with each solo showcasing his undeniable talent and leaving listeners in awe.

With each riff, you can’t help but draw parallels to renowned bands like Scorpions and Bon Jovi, solidifying Malone’s status as a great musician in his own right.

The vocal performances on “Sacred” are equally praiseworthy, with Malone delivering a convincing and emotive portrayal of his lyrics.

Whether belting out anthemic rock tunes or pouring his heart into heartfelt ballads, he displays an impressive vocal range and an ability to connect with the audience on a deeply emotional level.

Tracks like “Atom Bomb” explode with raw energy, making it impossible to resist headbanging along, while ballads like “Sweet Louise” tug at the heartstrings with their poignant melodies and soul-stirring lyrics.

“Sacred” is a testament to Shayne Malone’s musical prowess, as he not only captures the essence of the 80s but also infuses it with a modern twist, making the music accessible and enjoyable for both seasoned rock aficionados and new listeners alike.

The production quality is top-notch, allowing every instrument to shine and creating a rich and immersive sonic landscape.

Sacred is Shayne Malone’s Album Out Now!


Shayne Malone is a solo artist who plays all instruments and vocals. He is influenced by a lot of classic rock and 80’s rock groups such as Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Gary Moore plus more

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