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Sad Girl Canon is Luna Waves’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Luna Waves washes over you with ethereal vibes from the very first moment of “Sad Girl Canon.”

Sad Girl Canon is Luna Waves’ Single Out Now

Forget a drawn-out intro; this track dives straight into the heart of its dreamy soundscape.

A heavily reverbed vocal intertwines with cool pads, creating a hypnotic groove that feels like it could launch you into the cosmos.

The beauty of “Sad Girl Canon” lies in its ability to breathe. The constant arpeggios from the keys are like a steady pulse, triggering a cascade of oneiric visions.

The hypnotic quality is undeniable, and the song itself feels refreshingly concise. It’s not a slow fade-out that lulls you back to reality; it’s a clean cut, like a portal to another dimension closing just as abruptly as it opened.

The only way back is to press play again and surrender to the experience once more. The production is fantastic, professional but most of all artistic. Here is this artist’s vision to take control of the listener’s emotions.

Like Virgil did with Dante in the Divine Comedy Luna Waves takes your hand and guides you inside his magical musical world.

Sad Girl Canon is Luna Waves’ Single Out Now!


Sad Girl Canon is Luna Waves’ Single Out Now

Luna Waves – the brainchild of Bedford-based multi-instrumentalist Rob Muir – is releasing a spacey, shoegaze tinged dream pop single Sad Girl Canon on Wednesday 15th May 2024 ahead of forthcoming 4th album Comedowns. This is the 2nd single taken from the album, following the release of the single Half Awake which was released on 1st March 2024.

Sad Girl Canon is a spacey and dreamy single with the intention of blending 80’s and 90’s inspired sounds to create a wave of layers to envelop the listener. This sets the scene perfectly for Luna Waves forthcoming album Comedowns which is Luna Waves most nostalgic and heavily 90s Rock/Shoegaze leaning release to date.

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