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Sad Kaiju is Think Sanity’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Think Sanity’s latest single, “Sad Kaiju,” offers a genuine and unfiltered musical experience that transports listeners straight into the heart of the band’s creative process.

Sad Kaiju is Think Sanity’s Single Out Now

This is not your run-of-the-mill mainstream music; instead, it’s a visceral and authentic representation of friends coming together to share their dreams, fears, joys, and frustrations through their art.

The authenticity of Think Sanity’s sound is palpable, creating an atmosphere that feels as if you’re right there in the rehearsal room with them.

The music transcends the polished sheen of mainstream trends, embracing a raw and unapologetic approach that sets it apart from the more calculated sounds prevalent in the industry.

Andie Johnson’s performance is fantastic, carrying an emotional weight that makes her storytelling believable. Her delivery resonates with sincerity.

The male background vocals, screaming in the backdrop, add intensity to the already cool tune. This contrast in vocal styles contributes to the dynamic nature of the track.

This is not a sterile, overproduced piece; instead, it’s a genuine expression of the human experience, capturing the essence of shared moments and emotions.

The nostalgic vibes woven into “Sad Kaiju” are particularly intriguing, evoking a sense of familiarity.

Sad Kaiju is Think Sanity’s Single Out Now!



Andie Johnson – vocalist Trent Johnson – Bassist Jack Vermuth – lead guitarist, unclean vocalist Christopher Collins – Drummer Will Halverson – guitarist

This particular single is a remake of the bands very first single. The original recording of the track was mostly just Trent and Andie playing a song Trent had Written about Godzilla. Six years later we wanted to rerecord the track with our current line up so as to better reflect who we are now and how we’ve grown since first writing the track.

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