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Said Sara’s Single Bleedways Has Now a Great Video

Good Day Noir Family,
the video of Said Sara “Bleedways” is out and I want to tell you what I think about it.

Bleedways video is beautiful and artistic.

I immediately liked the atmosphere created by the choice of black and white images and clips.

Overlapping images, fades, a delicacy and truly enviable attention to detail.

A refined universe created by Said Sara, the frames accompany the music in an impeccable way and are able to make the imagination fly. You wander those deserted streets at night in search of yourself and you stop to look at a work of art, a flashing light and you look at your reflection in a puddle.

An intimate and twilight video that I recommend to everyone.

Bleedways is Said Sara’s Official Video Out Now!

Refined and Intimate!


Single Bleedways was born of necessity. Its roots scratched at Benson as if begging for expulsion. Its chords came almost instantly, and its shape morphed and refined itself until it breathed on its own.

Its lyrical concept, similarly, is of purging. The spiral frustration from years of attempting to erase — to strikethrough — ones past failures can ultimately lead to acceptance via ownership. We are as defined by our moments of horror as we are by our moments of peace.

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