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Salt is OXLIP’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
OXLIP’s new single, “Salt,” is a spellbinding experience that casts the listener adrift on a sea of emotion.

Salt is OXLIP’s Single Out Now

Her voice, imbued with the otherworldly halo of a siren’s song, creates an atmosphere that would leave even the stoic Ulysses weak at the knees.

The music itself transcends the physical realm. Hints of ancestral sounds beneath the surface create a connection to something vaster than ourselves. It’s a sonic embodiment of the metaphysical, a space where one can find solace after the sting of loss.

“Salt” masterfully crafts a dreamscape, a liminal space between the tangible and the ephemeral.

OXLIP’s vocals paint vivid pictures and I saw before my eyes swirling fog and fields blanketed in emerald moss. The lyrics, though undeniably deep and tinged with nostalgia, hold a flicker of hope.

Salt is an experience. A powerful exploration of grief, offering a refuge in the energy that surrounds us. It’s a masterpiece of introspective songwriting, a must-listen for anyone seeking solace in the beauty of the unknown.

Salt is OXLIP’s Single Out Now!


OXLIP is Northern Irish-born singer-songwriter Jayne Trimble’s moniker for the stage. The name is inspired by wildflowers and woodlands evocative of the darkly-windswept British Isles, alongside a host of literary archetypes ripped straight from the Brontë era.

OXLIP has been creating intricate musical worlds in similarly-windswept and coastal Vancouver since 2012. As an artist, she’s inspired by music’s restorative properties as much as she is intrigued by the intricacies of the natural and metaphysical worlds, paradoxes in classical literature, and the complex legacies of Victorian-era gender politics.


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