Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Sam Baird is back with a new single Nothing Really Changes
Sam Baird is back with a new single Nothing Really Changes

Good Day Noir Family,
Sam Baird is here again to entertain us with a new cool single and I want to share my thoughts about it.

The voice of this artist has the ability to hypnotize me, his vocal timbre is so unique and original that it always manages to amaze me.

With such a voice he can define a genre, his music is immediately recognizable also for the incredible variety of influences and the intricate melodic and harmonic intuitions that manage to give pure entertainment to the listener.

We are faced with a unique artist who has chosen and found his way and in my opinion and only a matter of time before this guy gets noticed by the whole world.

He certainly deserves it for the courage to fearlessly follow his musical vision. Thumbs up as usual, it’s always a pleasure to listen to his songs.

Nothing Really Changes is Sam Baird’s Single Out Now!

On Repeat!


Quote “‘This new release is all about how struggling with mental health can seem like an insurmountable and never ending task. Seemingly simple things become impossibly hard and it feels like you can’t love yourself. Sometimes you just want the weight off your chest, and that heavy feeling is what the song is largely describing.

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