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Save Me is Crux’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Crux in the past but they are back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Save Me is Crux’s Single

As soon as I heard the intro with the pads I felt catapulted into a Carpenter movie.

The song sounds like the eighties but then changes atmosphere becoming something different and difficult to label.

I must say that the artistic vision of this band is truly intriguing. The harmonic construction of this song is very intricate recalling the legendary rock songs of the 70s but the sounds wink to the 80s while the interpretation is very modern.

Crux have managed to bring various genres together and create a sound blend that makes them stand out from the crowd.

In this double single, there is also another tune, Specialist Jewelry, an instrumental song that transfers many emotions and brings back distant memories. A magical song that will certainly help the bassist to realize his dream since he composed it to propose to his girlfriend.

Crux is a very interesting band that is reconfirmed for its solid musical vision.

Save Me is Crux’s Single Out Now!


Save Me is Crux’s Single

Crux mixes prog-rock with punk to create a unique sound which keeps the listener on their toes. In their songs they explore real life global and local issues which as Scope Magazine stated, ‘makes them all the more appealing in an industry where songs can often be very superficial.’ Press have also noted the virtuosic talent of the band members with Ear to the Ground Music commenting, ‘Crux are an act that any listener can get behind. Not only do they have enviable talent and riffs for days, but the guys are genuinely conscious human beings.’

Crux have established themselves in the local music scene in Newcastle headlining the Engine Room, The Globe, Little Buildings, HMV Newcastle, and o2 Academy2 Newcastle, playing in local festivals such as Scoop Festival, Afterlight Music Festival, and the Canny Fringe Festival, and have played gigs with upcoming artists such as India Arkin, Keiran Bowe, and Lizzie Esau. Crux have also received support from Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6, Nick Roberts on BBC Newcastle, and have had all songs played on Amazing Radio.

Save Me is about how people in power have the authority to massively improve people’s lives and choose not to. We built on this by creating an ethereal sound by adding pounding organ chords, chanting vocal harmonies, and some transcendental guitar arpeggios. We also recorded the song at The Nave Studios in Leeds, which used to be a church, so we really used the space in the church to add some natural reverberation to the piano, vocals and drum parts. The lyrics in the two verses paraphrase the English translation of Dies Irae, again to paint this picture of terrifying grandeur.

Specialist Jewellery is a B-Side to Save Me. Our bassist, Hallam, approached us with the bass riff you can hear at the start of the song one practice and told us he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Rebecca. He wanted to record a song for the proposal involving this bass riff.

So we put our heads together and recorded ‘Specialist Jewellery’. It’s going to sound cringey but each note, melody, rhythm was thought of with the purest intentions.

Hallam successfully proposed to Rebecca with this song being played over a slideshow of pictures of the couple and their memories together so far.

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