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Save Me is LEEKAYJA’s New Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
LEEKAYJA’s single “Save Me” transports listeners into a nocturnal world where the essence of darkness intertwines with futuristic echoes.

Save me is LEEKAYJA’s New Single Out Now

The composition is crepuscular and captivates with its gothic undertones reminiscent of bands like Christian Death and The Cure.

However, LEEKAYJA infuses his unique essence, amalgamating distorted guitars, pulsating grooves, and a nostalgic melodic narrative that resonates deeply with the soul.

“Save Me” evokes a cinematic experience, painting scenes of solitary night drives through city streets, where introspection reigns supreme.

The song’s industrial nuances add depth to its sonic landscape, immersing the listener in a liminal realm between reality and reverie.

LEEKAYJA’s craftsmanship shines through also in his ability to sapiently use AI to expand his visionary artistic universe. “Save Me” invites listeners on a journey through the shadows of their thoughts and desires.

In essence, “Save Me” is an atmospheric odyssey that transcends time and space, offering an immersive experience in the depths of the night.

Save Me is LEEKAYJA’s New Single Out Now!


Italian guitarist and musician from Rome. Starting from 2005 he played in various Italian heavy metal and rock bands, then becoming passionate about mixing and music production and being attracted by the use of new technologies in music, he decided to embark on a solo career. In 2023 he launches the Leekaja project, where he explores the potential of using virtual singers…



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