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Scarecrow is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,

that this artist uses music to spread profound messages was evident from the first moment I listened to her songs.

Scarecrow is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now

Her irreverent and direct sound manages to trigger thoughts. She is able, with her lyrics, to raise questions in the listener’s head.

This time Lethia’s Natorium talks about bullying. We all have at least once experienced the arrogance of a person who feels stronger or more important than us and that’s why everyone can relate to Scarecrow.

Although it is inherent in human nature to impose itself on others, I believe that this instinct must be controlled as it can hurt people irreparably.

The melody of the song is fantastic, it has medieval overtones, especially in the chorus. The rhythm is contagious and I imagined seeing Lethia’s Natorium on a circus wagon passing among the people shouting the lyrics of this song.

As usual, a beautiful song that makes you think.

Scarecrow is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now!


Scarecrow is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now

‘Scarecrow’ tackles the subject of bullying, whether it’s playground taunts or in the workplace, being the receiver can be a traumatic experience. The word ‘Scarecrow’ could be other horrid words that people use to target someone.

Scarecrow’ was recorded at two different locations! Pena firstly recorded her guide at her house and sent over to Josh at JGE Studios in Dorset, where he added the guitars and bass parts. The recording was then brought over to her Producer/Engineer, Liam at SoundArc Recording Studios where she re-recorded the vocals and added additional keyboards (together with Liam’s keyboard parts) and percussion (bells). The drums were played by Karl, who has played drums on previous recordings.

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