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Scenery is Joe Pope’s New Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Joe Pope is unstoppable and his new single Scenery is out now, let’s see what this creative mind has managed to conceive this time.

This great singer-songwriter cheers us up with a magical and dreamy song.

As soon as I hit the play button and listened to the new single Scenery, Grant Lee Buffalo came to mind … a bit of a desert atmosphere, an airy sound that seems like a breeze caressing your skin.

Joe Pope is one of the best independent songwriters I’ve discovered in recent years. Whenever I listen to his songs I can’t understand how it’s possible that he is not yet known by the masses.

His tracks are masterfully produced, written, and interpreted and this artist certainly deserves more.

I liked all of his songs so far and I think it’s just a matter of time, but sooner or later this artist will be known to the whole world.

Scenery is Joe Pope’s Single Out Now!



Quote: “This is a story of a man who discovers that his lover hasn’t been faithful. It was created with an offbeat rhythm giving it a syncopated groove that to me speaks to the imbalance one might feel when facing infidelity. Simply put – it’s a song about being cheated on, and about the process of becoming one’s own person again. I like to think that in the end, the protagonist finds not only themselves but the inklings of new love (if not still with a bit of bitter aftertaste).

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