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Scream is Indifferentmonkey’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Indifferentmonkey’s single “Scream” is a pulsating and energetic track that blends tribal rhythms, rock influences, and a touch of industrial and electronic elements.

Scream is Indifferentmonkey’s Single Out Now

The song immediately transports the listener to the heart of a jungle, setting the stage for a great musical journey.

The band’s irreverent and visionary approach to music is evident throughout “Scream.”

They fearlessly explore uncharted sonic territories, refusing to conform to any conventional genre boundaries.

This unique blend of musical influences sets Indifferentmonkey apart from the crowd, making them a truly innovative and exciting force in the music scene.

Ellie Knowles, the band’s charismatic vocalist, delivers a solid performance on “Scream.” Her vocal versatility shines through, transitioning from powerful belting to delicate whispers.

She perfectly captures the song’s emotional intensity, adding another dimension to its charming appeal.

For those seeking an innovative and exhilarating musical experience, Indifferentmonkey is a must-listen.

Scream is Indifferentmonkey’s Single Out Now!


Scream is Indifferentmonkey’s Single Out Now

With the AMAZING 18 year old front person Ellie Knowles indifferentMonkeY bring you Trip Hop Rock guaranteed to blow you away. The band have enjoyed early successes with airplay on the BBC and KCRW in LA, America. Last year they were winners of the Best Band 22 award in London (and will be headlining this year’s award ceremony at the legendary Bedford in Bahlam, London. They are currently working on their second album which will define them.

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