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Secret Relief is Carlos Ucedda’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Carlos Ucedda’s single “Secret Relief” introduces us to an artist with a truly unique approach to composition and an inspirational artistic vision.

Secret Relief is Carlos Ucedda’s Single Out Now

The track exists in its own limbo, evoking an atmosphere that is perfectly captured in its accompanying video.

The visuals depict Ucedda trapped in a timeless world, struggling to break free but unable to take flight—a powerful metaphor for the helplessness felt by those battling drug addiction.

Musically, “Secret Relief” grabs your attention from the first note and holds it until the very end.

The song’s progression is well thought out, creating a sense of instability highlighted by haunting backing vocals and urgent keyboard lines.

These elements work together to produce an atmosphere of urgency and unease.

This is a song that stands out for its brilliance and depth, making it a highly recommended listen for everyone.

Secret Relief is Carlos Ucedda’s Single Out Now!


In this song, the lyrics are based on and talk about addiction. A delicate subject! It delves into a double life, overwhelmed by daily burdens, work, and stress. On one side, it’s about the struggle with the addiction that takes hold day by day. The internal self-sabotage, the voices within, tied up and casting nets to escape that state, fighting the addiction, and reaching out for help.

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