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Self Sacrifice is Gary Dranow’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
from the opening note, Gary Dranow and his band channel the spirit of hard rock titans like Disturbed, immediately grabbing your attention with vocals reminiscent of David Draiman’s signature snarl.

Self Sacrifice is Gary Dranow’s New Single

This intensity isn’t just for show; it perfectly embodies the song’s title, “Self Sacrifice.”

The beauty lies in the contrast. The singer’s voice, while powerful, isn’t mere aggression. It’s laced with a melancholic edge, perfectly complemented by the cascading guitar arpeggios that weave a multitude of raw emotion.

This builds to a soaring chorus, where the guitars erupt in a wall of sound, mirroring the internal struggle the lyrics portray.

But “Self Sacrifice” isn’t just about brooding introspection. Around minute 2:10, the song takes a hard rock turn, the bridge exploding with heavy riffs and driving drums.

This shift isn’t just a change of pace; it emphasizes the epic scope of the song’s theme.

The searing vocals to the soaring guitars and the dynamic shifts paint a vivid picture of a lone hero facing daunting odds. It’s a song that demands to be played loud, the kind that makes you want to pump your fist in the air and scream along.

If you’re a fan of classic hard rock with a modern edge, or simply enjoy music that tells a story, “Self Sacrifice” is a must-listen.

Self Sacrifice is Gary Dranow’s New Single!


Gary Dranow, in collaboration with The Manic Emotions, is excited to announce the release of their latest single, “Self Sacrifice. This heartfelt track beautifully captures the band’s fusion of rock and storytelling, inspired by their deep connection and shared musical journey.

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