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Selfish Bitch is Jason Shand’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Jason Shand is an artist with a musical vision that’s truly one of a kind. With his single “Selfish Bitch,” he captivates the listener right from the start, thanks to his distinctive voice and a unique approach to music.

Selfish Bitch is Jason Shand’s Single Out Now

What’s striking about this song is its minimalist beginning. With just a guitar arpeggio, a subtle groove, and Jason Shand’s voice, it’s a masterclass in the art of less is more.

The song gradually unfolds as electronic strings introduce the drums, building a rich sonic landscape.

In moments throughout the song, the refined vocal lines brought to mind artists like Sting. Jason Shand’s experience as a musician shines through in his delivery and style, making it clear that he’s a seasoned professional in the world of music.

The clever chord progression and dynamic shifts in “Selfish Bitch” showcase Jason Shand’s musical skills. It’s an intricate and modern approach to songwriting that keeps the listener engaged throughout.

Jason Shand’s ability to blend elements from different genres into a cohesive and distinctive sound is remarkable.

Jason Shand’s work reminds us that creativity knows no bounds and that there’s always room for fresh and groundbreaking music in the world.

Selfish Bitch is Jason Shand’s Single Out Now!


Jason Shand is a NYC based singer/songwriter/recording artist.

‘Selfish Bitch’ was produced by Jason Shand and his keyboardist John Roggie. Everything was recorded in Roggie’s home studio except for the bass which was flown in from the bassist’s nyc home studio.

This recording was extremely organic in its creation where almost every sound was a one take experiment that we’d end up
keeping and adding to and it turned into an electronic dance beat married to a rock beat tied together by an intimate conversational vocal.

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