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Sell Your Soul is Tatum Quinn’s Single Out Now

Good Day, Noir Family,
I already reviewed Tatum Quinn in the past but this talented artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

The energy that this artist manages to unleash as she passionately interprets her songs is absolutely fantastic.

As soon as I started listening to her new single the rhythmic cadence pushed my neck to bounce back and forth following the rhythm.

The new single “Sell Your Soul” speaks directly to the soul and at the end of the song, you are ready to sell it.

Tatum Quinn is a crystalline talented artist who offers sincere and direct rock. Among fans of bands like Dorothy, I am sure that Tatum Quinn’s style will be very popular.

The production is excellent, the interpretation flawless and the musical performance flawless.

A mature artist ready to play on big stages around the world!

Sell Your Soul is Tatum Quinn’s Single Out Now!



Tatum Quinn takes you into the mind of self doubt and disappointment in her haunting reality of trading everything you are for our deepest desires. Sharing her own demons of being trapped, under-appreciated and defeated, she gives a deeply personal performance in this melancholy rock-ballad.

Emotionally charged and somewhat chaotic, ‘Sell Your Soul’ purposely incorporates subtle, yet ethereal sounds, bringing you further and further into Tatum’s jaded reality.

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