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Seven Wishes is Sometimes Julie’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Sometimes Julie, the duo of Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker, delivers a potent concoction of rock, blues, and alternative on their album “Seven Wishes.”

Seven Wishes is Sometimes Julie’s Album Out Now

The infectious energy of the album is powered by Sorenson’s captivating vocals, which seamlessly blend crystalline purity and intense emotion, reaching deep into the listener’s soul.

Walker’s guitar riffs and intuitions form the backbone of the band’s sound, crafting a unique musical landscape that ignites the senses. His playing is a testament to his deep connection with the raw energy of rock and roll.

Every track on “Seven Wishes” is a solid piece of songwriting, showcasing the duo’s compositional talent.

The album seamlessly blends classic rock influences with bluesy undertones and alternative sensibilities, creating a cohesive sound that is both familiar and refreshing.

The production of the album is masterful, capturing the band’s live energy while maintaining a polished, professional sound. The performances are inspiring, showcasing the duo’s passion for music.

“Seven Wishes” is an album that will ignite your soul and leave you wanting more. So, crank it up and let Sometimes Julie take you on a musical journey you won’t soon forget.

Seven Wishes is Sometimes Julie’s Album Out Now!

Refined and Pure!

Seven Wishes is Sometimes Julie’s Album Out Now

Sometimes Julie, one of San Diego’s most engaging and original rock bands, is the musical brainchild of singer/songwriter duo Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker.

The duo first emerged in 2014 with their award-winning 2014 debut CD, Head First, which was followed up by Bright Side of the Line (2016), Breaking (2018), and Where Are You? (2020). Where Are You? received a San Diego Music Award nomination for Best Rock Album of the year.

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