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She Turns is Santa Claws’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Santa Claws’ latest single, “She Turns,” unveils a direct and sincere sound that immediately captures the listener’s attention.

She Turns is Santa Claws’ Single Out Now

The band’s authenticity shines through, with a vocalist who delivers the lyrics with a convincing sincerity, accompanied by a distinctive vocal tone that sets Santa Claws apart.

It’s evident that Santa Claws is comprised of seasoned musicians, and their composition experience is palpable throughout the single.

A refined chord progression forms the backbone of “She Turns,” showcasing the band’s musical talent. Each member’s performance is impeccable, contributing to the overall cohesiveness of the track.

Santa Claws pays meticulous attention to every detail, producing music that is intense and refined.

The single shows Santa Claws’ commitment to precision and musical depth. Every element, from the vocals to the instrumentation, is carefully crafted, resulting in a song that stands out for its quality and emotional impact.

“She Turns” leaves eager anticipation for Santa Claws’ upcoming full album.

She Turns is Santa Claws’ Single Out Now!


She Turns is Santa Claws’ Single Out Now

Our single “She Turns” is the first extract from our next album “…So live and let lie” recorded 6 years after the first “Life is a lie” produced by Greg Gordon (Oasis, Supergrass, Nick Cave… )

We are an independent band without a label. We manage everything on our own. This song talks about the emancipation of women today. We imagine a woman who is freer, independent, happy and proud. Sharing this song, talking about it, helps us defend our values ​​and our music as well as our unchanging identity for almost 10 years.

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