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Silence Sirens Storm is Magua’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Magua is back on the scene with “Silence Sirens Storm,” a unique and intriguing single.

Silence Sirens Storm is Magua’s Single Out Now

It’s a thrilling mix of the familiar and the fresh, where tribal rhythms pulse beneath a mesmerizing vocal loop.

The opening feels like stepping into a forgotten ritual. Repetitive chanting, punctuated by sharp jolts of percussion, creates a hypnotic groove that lulls you into a trance.

Magua’s voice is haunting and powerful, acts as the guide, beckoning you deeper into this uncharted territory.

The tension builds steadily throughout the song’s nine minutes, a testament to Magua’s masterful control over the composition. It’s a visionary soundscape, a departure from mainstream conventions, yet strangely familiar.

Imagine a shamanistic ceremony reimagined for the modern age – that’s the power this song wields.

The accompanying visuals amplify the song’s impact. It’s clear Magua isn’t just a musician; they’re a complete artist with a distinct vision.

Every element contributes to a cohesive and unique experience.

Silence Sirens Storm is Magua’s Single Out Now!


Starting as a three-piece band in 2007 Magua focused on creating new material and touring in Ukraine. In 2016 they released their debut album “AGATA”. Since then, Magua’s style and sound have been constantly evolving and in 2018 it became a solo project. In 2018 Magua released the single “Ран Лола Ран” with a live music video, and in 2022 he released his EP ‘Bingo’. In summer 2022 he released his video “ХАЛІВАР” as a reaction to russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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