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Silent Cloud is Reginiano’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Reginiano’s album “Silent Cloud” exemplifies a modern and refined compositional style, reflecting an artist with a wealth of experience.

Silent Cloud is Reginiano’s Album Out Now

Throughout the album, Reginiano demonstrates an impressive range, blending vocal choirs with electronic ethereal vibes in a impeccable way.

Tracks like “Tune to the Moon” and “Follow the Sun” showcase captivating vocal arrangements that draw listeners into a world of rich harmonies. Meanwhile, “Healing” introduces more electronic elements, adding depth and texture to the overall sound.

One of the most striking aspects of Reginiano’s music is his willingness to explore diverse influences without being confined by traditional compositional boundaries.

The intricate chord progressions and meticulously crafted arrangements attest to his attention to detail and musical craftsmanship.

What ties the album together is its unwavering commitment to quality. From production to performance, Reginiano and his collaborators deliver a professional and polished experience that resonates with listeners.

Reginiano emerges as an artist with a clear, solid artistic vision and a visionary approach to music composition.

In essence, “Silent Cloud” shows Reginiano’s talent and creativity, offering a captivating journey through soundscapes that are both immersive and evocative.

Silent Cloud is Reginiano’s Album Out Now!


Reginiano is a writer, composer, arranger, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Israel. His music combines rich melodies and harmonies, acoustic arrangements and dynamic recordings, creating an intimate and emotional experience.​The lyrics, compositions and arrangements are the work of Reginiano, who plays different instruments, sings and works with various performers.

Silent Cloud is Reginiano's Album Out Now

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