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Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars is Rictus of Rage’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Rictus of Rage’s single, “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars,” carries a poignant and moving story behind its creation.

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars is Rictus of Rage’s Single Out Now

This song serves as a tribute to the late Jeff Watson, the singer of the track, with composer Mike Masser dedicatedly spreading the word about this powerful piece that is part of an album they had composed together in the past.

The song itself is a raw and intense experience, reflecting the genuine emotions and the musical essence flowing in the blood of Jeff Watson. His vocal delivery is profound, embodying the soul of the rock genre.

The authenticity in his performance adds a layer of depth to the music, making it a true expression of emotion and art.

Mike Masser’s composition complements Jeff Watson’s talent seamlessly. The music enhances the raw intensity of the vocals, creating a synergy that captivates the listener.

Rictus of Rage communicates a genuine and direct sound, allowing the emotion embedded in the lyrics and melody to shine through without any filter.

It’s truly unfortunate that they can no longer play together, but the legacy of “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars” stands as a testament to the musical chemistry and the profound connection between Jeff Watson and Mike Masser.

This song not only pays homage to a friend but also leaves an indelible mark as a powerful and authentic piece of music.

The real, raw, and intense nature of the music makes it a poignant reminder of the talent and passion that existed within this duo.

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars is Rictus of Rage’s Single Out Now!



Rictus of Rage are Mike Masser all instruments \ Jeff Watson Volcals

Jeff Watson passed away last year. We have not been able to do play out and this will probably be the last album from us.

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