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Silk Dress is Ollie Twohill’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Ollie Twohill in the past but this talented artist is back with a new single and I want to share my thoughts about it.

This new tune hides a nostalgia that makes the overall melody very fascinating.

The more time passes, the more Ollie Twohill seems to find his musical path. His songs are mature and his vision as an artist more and more solid.

This song is a crescendo of emotions that turns into a prog-rock full of intricate harmonic variations and rhythmic twists.

The vocal timbre and the masterful execution demonstrate Ollie Twohill’s great compositional experience that never ceases to amaze the listener.

The production is excellent and in general, I have noticed a great evolution in the sound product proposed by this talented artist.

Go and listen to his music, it’s worth it!

Silk Dress is Ollie Twohill’s Single Out Now!



“Silk Dress” was inspired by my love of belting out Avril Lavigne’s “Skater Boy” on Singstar as a 5-year-old. It tells the story of a young musician who follows her dream in working & playing hard in pursuit of cracking it in the charts. Could apply to any life pursuit. It follows a similar theme from my recent single release “Boots” about pursuing your dreams with gusto and living in the present and a life with no regrets.

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