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Sin Ft. Scott Mulhearn is Giant Head Collective’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed a previous single of Giant Head Collective but this prolific artist is out now with a new single and I want to share my thoughts about it.

This talented artist is back with another good song. The new single “Sin” reminded me of the ZZ Top in some passages.

The thing that strikes me the most is that this music that has such a strong American spirit is being conceived in the UK. It must be emphasized that Giant Head Collective to compose these new songs collaborated with Scott Mulhearn an artist who lives in Tennessee and it is perhaps this cultural mix that creates this intriguing sound.

It’s like Genesis met Stevie Ray Vaughan.

This amalgam that brings with it different ways of understanding music has created a special and unique musical recipe.

Another great song from this eclectic artist that I recommend to everyone.

Sin Ft. Scott Mulhearn is Giant Head Collective’s Single Out Now!

Wild and Free!


This is another cross Atlantic collaboration with Scott Mulhearn from Tennessee and Giant Head Collective in Scotland.

Quote: “When writing the music we set out to pay homage to one of our greatest inspirations, that little old band from Texas. We set out to write a track that had big guitars and a driving beat that people could get up and dance to at their local rock club. With the help of Producer Stuart McCredie (Fratellis, Texas, Blue Nile and many more) we think we got what we set out to achieve!”

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