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Sins is Stuart Chaseman’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature artist is Stuart Chaseman and his single Sins.

Sins is Stuart Chaseman’s Single Out Now

We are faced with a very inspired artist with great compositional skills.

The thing I liked the most is the vocal timbre so intense and with a slight hoarseness that makes the interpretation even more touching.

The chord progression of the single Sins is impeccable. A nostalgic and deep tune in a classic singer-songwriter style.

In some moments Stuart Chaseman reminded me of artists like Bruce Springsteen. Honestly, I have not found flaws with this tune. The production is excellent and the performance is solid.

An artist who is not afraid to reveal his most personal emotions. That he’s not afraid to take risks and throw off the mask to make himself known to listeners for who he really is.

I can’t wait to listen to the full album which will be released in the spring.

Stuart Chaseman is a great talent that I recommend everyone to go and listen to. Among others, he will be appearing in the Netflix show “Jewish Matchmaking” that you can watch here: https://www.netflix.com/title/81423793

Sins is Stuart Chaseman’s Single Out Now!

Intense and Mature!

Sins is Stuart Chaseman’s Single Out Now

American Roots Rock artist Stuart Chaseman releases his first single “Sins” off the forthcoming album “Secrets, Lies, and Alibis” to be released in Spring of 2023. Also being announced is his appearance on the new Netflix dating reality show, “Jewish Matchmaking” which begins to air May 3rd.

“Sins”, written in the roots rock genre, is about the false belief that happiness can be found in another person – a past relationship. The narrator eventually realizes that the bridge has been burned and that that is the consequence of his actions. The first line of the song pays homage to Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone, an artist that has had a huge impact on Chaseman’s songwriting style.

Chaseman shrugs when he connects the irony that the forthcoming single and album are inspired by his failed relationships, and he’s now on a dating reality show.
“Sins” was written about an ex girlfriend. I was reflecting on what had happened, and as per usual I realized afterwards that we had something good, and didn’t appreciate it at the time. I’d pay for all my sins if we could start again.”

“Reflecting on my whole life and I did live my life like a rolling stone, just like in the Dylan song… and now I’m regretting the road I chose. Today I’m at a certain age and I look back at the one that got away, thinking that I messed that relationship up. I didn’t appreciate what I had at the time.”

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