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Sleeping In My Bed is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Mortal Prophets return with “Sleeping In My Bed,” an EP as charming as it is unsettling.

Sleeping In My Bed is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now

 This is an immersive experience, a journey into the dark corners of the human psyche.

Opening track “Bury Them Deep” sets the tone, a hypnotic groove reminiscent of David Bowie channelling Massive Attack.

“Gun and a Prayer” shifts gears, offering a deceptively traditional vibe. A mesmerizing guitar weaves through the melody, its beauty masking a sinister undercurrent.

The title track delves even deeper, conjuring the demons that lurk in the pre-sleep mind. Beckmann’s vocals take center stage, a theatrical performance that hypnotizes.

“Tom Waits In Drag” is a visionary piece, a genre-bending narrative that unfolds like a fever dream.

“Hell or High Water” evokes a desolate landscape, the harmonica and tremolo guitar painting a picture of sun-bleached bones and forgotten dreams.

The EP closes with “Cut You Down,” a searing slice of alternative rock with a Nine Inch Nails-esque percussion bite.

The unifying thread throughout “Sleeping In My Bed” is Beckmann’s voice.

It’s an instrument of incredible power and range, weaving tales of darkness with undeniable charisma.

This EP is a triumph, a testament to The Mortal Prophets’ ability to forge a sound that’s unique and deeply affecting. Prepare to be challenged, fascinated, and ultimately inspired.

Sleeping In My Bed is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now!

The Noir Side of New York!

Sleeping In My Bed is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now

Sleeping in My Bed” exemplifies The Mortal Prophets’ sound: a modern, fearless reimagining of classic American songwriting applied to a fractured world. John Beckmann’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of heartbreak set against a backdrop of societal woes. This isn’t just pop music; Is an exploration of the human condition, delivered with both guts and heart. The Mortal Prophets stand alone in their ability to capture the spirit of a wounded nation while clinging to the beauty of classic songcraft.

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