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Small Town Vampire is Mark Vennis & Different Place’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Mark Vennis & Different Place’s single “Small Town Vampire” is a well-constructed and engaging song that effectively blends various elements to create a memorable musical experience.

Small Town Vampire is Mark Vennis & Different Place’s Single Out Now

The song’s structure, with its strong verse and catchy chorus, is a classic formula that works to great effect here.

It shows the band’s songwriting skills that they can seamlessly incorporate these elements while making the song feel fresh and vibrant.

“Small Town Vampire” exudes the typical English style, bringing in influences from punk and alternative rock. These elements create a dynamic and eclectic sound that is both energetic and rebellious.

One of the highlights of this track is the irreverent and spirited performance of the singer. His delivery injects the song with the perfect amount of energy and attitude, enhancing the overall listening experience.

The band’s performance is tight and authentic, emphasizing the use of real instruments without relying on computers or beats.

This commitment to an organic sound gives the song a genuine and heartfelt quality, making it a true representation of their musical passion.

 Whether you’re a fan of punk, alternative rock, or just good music, this song is worth a listen.

Small Town Vampire is Mark Vennis & Different Place’s Single Out Now!



Small Town Vampire It’s a slightly tongue in cheek track, influenced by the Clash, Blur and Paul Weller. We are supporting the legendary punk band The Members at upcoming gigs. And this album will be our fourth.

Mark Vennis & Different Place are a rock band from North of Portsmouth and South West of London. Influenced by Johnny Cash, Bob Marley and the Clash.

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