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Smile (No Fox Gibbon) is Chandra’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Chandra’s new single “Smile (No Fox Gibbon)” presents a refreshing and modern compositional style that’s instantly engaging.

Smile (No Fox Gibbon) is Chandra’s Single Out Now

What stands out most about this artist’s work is the ability to create music that is uplifting while delivering deep and meaningful lyrics.

Chandra possesses a unique style that is both artistically distinctive and emotionally resonant.

It’s clear that he has a mission to offer something more to his listeners, touching on topics that extend beyond the surface and inviting a deeper connection.

The professional production of “Smile (No Fox Gibbon)” is evident, and the song’s construction is well thought out.

The dynamics of the song are carefully crafted to keep the listener engaged from start to finish, taking them on a compelling musical journey.

This single has the power to charge you with a positive energy that can help you see and approach life’s challenges in a different and more optimistic way.

It shows Chandra’s ability to craft music that not only sounds great but also carries a message that can impact the listener on a personal and emotional level.

 It’s a positive and energizing musical experience that encourages a fresh perspective on life’s challenges.

Smile (No Fox Gibbon) is Chandra’s Single Out Now!


Chandra is a bold and exciting singer-songwriter from Bristol, UK, forging unique guitar pop with an uplifting, positive message and intimate lyrical prowess. With one music blogger tagging Chandra as having “an insanely strong voice with a beautiful timbre,” this artist will certainly be known for his vocal prowess, with his vocal-forward style carrying his lyrical messages to the forefront.

Chandra writes from the heart with stories of the human condition; the struggles of self-belief, building confidence and riding the daily see-saw of mental health. “It’s not cool to sing about these things. But I want to shout loud and evangelise things that otherwise get demoted to a mere whisper under your breath; mental health, being nice to one another, believing in yourself and finding the confidence to simply be yourself.”

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