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Smile While You Can is Flat Moon’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Flat Moon but they are out now with a new song and I want to share my thoughts about it.

This band gives us another shot of vital energy. This time their music made me imagine driving a convertible through the streets of L.A with a headband in my hair and bell bottoms.

Flat Moon are great musicians and their musical performance is truly remarkable.
The bass follows like a shadow the intricate rhythmic designs of the kick while the guitars accompany with funky rhythms that help the groove of the entire song.

The voice has just the right emphasis and seems to invite you to get up from your chair and dance.

The production and harmonic construction of the song are impeccable and the chord progression is highly sought after and never banal.

Absolutely confirmed, go and listen to them.

Smile While You Can is Flat Moon’s Single Out Now!

Pure Energy!


Quote:” ‘Smile While You Can’ is a fresh, funky tune that carries a message about keeping a positive mental attitude when you experience disappointment or setbacks in your life – we want to demonstrate that you can still have fun in troubled times, even whilst maintaining a nihilistic outlook. Yeh, everything’s a bit shit. Yeh, the world is literally on fire. What’re you gonna do ey? When there’s nothing left you’ve gotta smile while you can.”

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