Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Smoked a Cigarette Instead is Monroe Moon's Single Out Now
Smoked a Cigarette Instead is Monroe Moon’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Monroe Moon’s latest single, “Smoked a Cigarette Instead,” is a sexy musical experience.

The song, particularly in the chorus, exhibits a powerful and ethereal scream that delivers a visceral impact, sending shivers down the listener’s spine. 

Having had the privilege of experiencing Monroe Moon’s music in the past, “Smoked a Cigarette Instead” continues the tradition of delivering fantastic and enthralling compositions.

The band’s consistency in creating music that resonates is fantastic.

One of the standout features of Monroe Moon’s sound is the incorporation of retro-nostalgic vibes, creating an atmosphere that immerses the listener in the twilight side of things.

The chorus, in particular, not only captures attention but also imparts a profound sense of freedom, making a deep emotional connection with the audience.

The production quality remains consistently perfect, showcasing the band’s commitment to sonic excellence.

The musical refinement evident in their songs continues to inspire, highlighting Monroe Moon’s dedication to creating a polished and compelling sonic experience.

Smoked a Cigarette Instead is Monroe Moon’s Single Out Now!

Emotional Connection!

Smoked a Cigarette Instead is Monroe Moon’s Single Out Now

The single was recorded in Electric Moon Studios, in Grand Rapids, MI, engineered by Ryan Jamgotch, produced by Grammy Award winning producer, Mike Exter, and mastered by Peter Hewitt-Dutton.


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