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“So Alone” The New Single Of Bones In Butter

Good Day Noir Family,
Bones In Butter is back with another cool song and since he is not yet sure how to call his genre of music I suggest “Crepuscular Wave”

Another beautiful song that immediately destabilizes you with a particular rhythm and a melody that made me think of the desert, I felt hypnotized like a cobra in front of its trainer.

This is the strength of this incredible artist, to amaze the listener by creating unexpected atmospheres.

A music that always manages to kidnap your imagination and while listening to the music of Bones in Butter you literally feel dropped into a parallel dimension and you almost feel like you are living a different life.

Like when you stare at an unknown person and try to enter his thoughts to try to understand what it is like to live in his world.

The music of Bones in Butter brings with it something magical that every time has the ability to amaze me.

So Alone is Bones In Butter’s Single Out Now!

As Always Fantastic!


Quote: “‘So Alone’ deals with the oppressor himself who is about be stripped of his clothes, to lose his power…”

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