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Solid Gold The First Of Four Molosser’s Singles This Month

Good Day Noir Family,
Molosser are back. This prolific duo will entertain us with four new singles this month…yes 4 new songs in a month, crazy! This is pure dedication and passion for music. Let’s dive into the first one “Solid Gold”.

The first song of this quartet to be released this month is a beautiful folk ballad, introspective and atmospheric.

In some moments the chord progression reminded me of Mazzy Star and in others the country music that comes from the Appalachian mountains.

A song to be enjoyed around the fire on full moon nights … a song for wanderers, for free people who like to roam the world rather than follow its rules.

A song that manages to free your soul, an ancestral tune that speaks directly to your subconscious.

Solid Gold is Molosser’s Single Out Now!

Real and Pure!


Quote: “Solid Gold is a song where the rambling bassline and dancing vocals lead us a good bit closer to the Louisiana swamps than the original version did. Brooding and bluesy, with equal attention paid to melody, rhythm and musical presentation – but with feeling and expression first and foremost“.

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