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Some Evenings is Kwolek’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Kwolek throws down the gauntlet with “Some Evenings,” a track that vibrates with raw energy.

Some Evenings is Kwolek’s New Single

The muted guitar sets the pulse, a steady thrum that feels less like a melody and more like a tightly coiled spring.

It’s a brilliant choice, creating a platform for the tension to build steadily until the chorus explodes in a burst of unbridled sound.

This music has a distinctly 90s vibe, a heady mix of grunge and alternative influences. But Kwolek injects a dose of originality into the mix, particularly with the unique harmonic construction.

It’s like a conversation building to a feverish climax, a cacophony of sounds that washes over you like the city lights blurring by on a late-night drive.

There’s a sense of frustration woven into the song, a feeling of being stuck in a repetitive loop. It’s relatable, that yearning to break free from the monotony of those endless nights when change feels impossible.

But there’s also a flicker of defiance in the music, a refusal to surrender to the stagnation.

The outro is a flurry of activity, an explosion of sound that overloads your senses. It’s a fitting conclusion to this great song.

“Some Evenings” is a visceral experience. It’s a sonic snapshot of restlessness and rebellion, a reminder that even in the darkest nights, there’s a spark waiting to ignite.

Some Evenings is Kwolek’s New Single!


Kwolek makes music in a small apartment in Boulder, CO.

“Some Evenings” is about a person who is bored in their day job “designing graphs and charts in some neutral/awful office park” and has begun spending nights exploring new ways to feel a “touch more than indifference”. The b-side, “Pink Places” is stomper about late-stage capitalism, what fun!

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