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somersaults is Sweeter than Sorrow’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Sweeter than Sorrow will entertain us with a dreamy tuned titled somersaults.

somersaults is Sweeter than Sorrow’s Single Out Now

An intimate and introspective song that touched me a lot.

Einstein’s Letter To His Daughter on the Universal Force of Love also said so. Love in the end is the energy that wins over all others. Which allows us to do things we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.

Sweeter than Sorrow in a dark period of his life managed to find the flame of love inside him. A flame that he thought was extinguished but that in reality still burned in a secret corner of his soul.

With this song Sweeter than Sorrow accompanies us on this journey and makes us feel strong emotions.

The delicate harmony of this tune and the sweet and nostalgic vocal interpretation complete a perfect artistic vision.

This artist had already shown in the past that he has a deep soul and with this track, he confirms his great sensitivity.

somersaults is Sweeter than Sorrow’s Single Out Now!


somersaults is Sweeter than Sorrow’s Single Out Now

The ideas for “Somersaults” came to Mattias Wahlberg during a turbulent time. From the bleak reality of life, the seed of dreams drifted toward a distant shore, where our hopes and dreams reside. When the dark thoughts clouded the sky and polluted the mind, Wahlberg sought to ease the pain in an ethereal romantic dream, but as he returned to his roots, he remembered the feeling of being in love for the first time and that feeling grounded him.

Pain faded in the gentle light and retro warmth of a distant past. In a time of uncertainty, love offered him comfort and strength, and that’s where “Somersaults” was born. Wahlberg hopes that the genuine innocence vested in the track will help more people in need.

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