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Songs For A Sane Society is Bones In Butter’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Bones In Butter’s latest album, Songs For A Sane Society, is a genre-bending collection of music that showcases the band’s unique blend of Balkan roots, alternative rock, and introspective ballads.

Songs For A Sane Society is Bones In Butter’s Album Out Now

 The album shows Bones In Butter’s artistic vision and their ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical influences.

From the start, Songs For A Sane Society immerses listeners in a world of rich melodies, evocative lyrics, and a diverse range of instrumentation.

The band’s Balkan roots are evident throughout the album, with infectious rhythms and traditional instrumentation adding a layer of cultural depth to the music.

However, Bones In Butter never succumbs to genre pigeonholing and blends alternative rock sensibilities with the band’s traditional influences to create something unique.

The album’s introspective ballads provide a stark contrast to the more upbeat rock anthems, offering listeners a moment of quiet reflection and emotional depth.

Bones In Butter’s ability to balance these two contrasting styles demonstrates their versatility and their ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

Songs For A Sane Society is a must-listen for fans of alternative rock, and introspective songwriting.

Bones In Butter has created a truly unique and genre-defying album that will stay with listeners long after the last note fades away.

Songs For A Sane Society is Bones In Butter’s Album Out Now!


Songs For A Sane Society is Bones In Butter’s Album Out Now

The album deals with serious matters such as alienation, virtual realities, institutional oppression and survival, rise and fall of tyrants but it also centers around love and hope. We also try to maintain an ironic undertone.

Since this is an album containing tracks recorded over a period of three years, the credits are comprehensive. But to keep it short, here’s the final line-up: Milutin Krasevic – Vocals, synths, samples, music & lyrics; Luna Skopelja – Vocals, synths; Todor Zivkovic . guitars, synths; Dejan Skopelja – bass; Marcelo Effori – drums (later replaced by Tom Fedja Franklin) The songs were mixed and mastered by Srdjan Popov who also played the bass on some of the tracks.

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