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Songs To Clean The House To is The Perics’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Perics’ album “Songs To Clean The House” is a refreshing and unique musical experience that seamlessly blends retro vibes with a modern alternative rock/punk sound.

Songs To Clean The House To is The Perics’ Album Out Now

Their music carries the spirit of the past while still delivering a contemporary edge, creating intriguing and captivating vibes.

The Perics’ sound brought to mind bands like Blink 182, reflecting their influences while maintaining their individuality.

One of the standout features of this album is the production quality. The equalizations emphasize high frequencies, adding a touch of grittiness that sharpens the overall sound.

This grittiness complements the alternative rock/punk style and gives the music a distinctive edge that sets it apart from the mainstream.

What’s particularly impressive about “Songs To Clean The House” is its diversity. Not all tracks are high-energy, as the album offers introspective moments, such as “Come With Me” and “You’re Gone.”

Especially “You’re Gone” introduces grunge vibes, showing the band’s versatility and ability to explore different facets of their musical style.

The Perics have clearly demonstrated their songwriting talent in this album. Their ability to infuse a sense of nostalgia with a modern twist makes them a band to watch in the alternative rock/punk scene.

Songs To Clean The House To is The Perics’ Album Out Now!


The Perics is a britpop band from Liverpool formed in 2020 by Matt Warren and Gee Nelson from Animal Revolt. They met each other on Instagram discussing music about Eels, an artists they’re both fan of. Their first song was Do You Really Care? featuring Gwen James. After that they collaborated with international indie artists from around the world such as Reckless Velvet (Australia), Time To Act (Belgium), Brent Newbold (USA), Chenél No.1 (South Africa) and Roderiko Pop (Argentina). More collaborations are scheduled for 2024.

The name of The Perics comes from a book, but the word doesn’t exist. It means ‘lower class’ as both Matt and Gee have working class backgrounds. In 2022 They released their first album Troubadours of Lackland. On October 18 their second album ‘Songs to clean the house to’ will be released on all the streaming platforms.

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